Getting ready for wedding season

Have you ever wondered what goes into maintaining a wedding venue and working farm? Wood Farm at Everdon is a family run business in the heart of rural Northamptonshire that is part wedding venue and part farm, and as spring starts so does the work to get the venue ready for the start of the wedding season and all our wonderful couples.

It’s all about the light

If you’ve checked out our social channels you’ll know that the light is pretty special at Wood Farm, and we’re not just talking sunsets. Could you imagine taking a gorgeous photo with your friends, only to discover that the festoon lights in the background weren’t fulling working, the light was patchy, or there was no light at all? No? Neither could we! At the beginning of the wedding season we set the lights back up, lining the drive and illuminating some of our favourite trees. In fact, rumour has it that Rob once got so tangled in the wires that he was mistaken for a Christmas tree!

Farm life

The farm has been in the family for 50 years this year, and it’s the element that we all revolve around. With an award winning South Devon herd of beef cattle that has always been the centre of the farm, it definitely gets interesting come spring! Between February and May we welcome the arrival of around 20-25 calves. It’s amazing when you head to the barn to see that one of our cows has become a Mumma and is happily looking after her new born calf, plus… they are so darn fluffy! Our herd helps us maintain the grounds around the farm however, they’ve developed quite the diva like streak and often like to appear in wedding photos.

Wood Farm terrace

The terrace is one of our favourite spots, and we’re not alone. Nestled on the side of a hill overlooking some pretty picture perfect Northamptonshire countryside, Wood Farm at Everdon has all the views. This year we’ve extended the terrace to 60 sqm, that’s almost double the area which, means nearly twice the space to be able to enjoy chatting to guests, enjoying a tipple of choice and watching the sun set. The terrace has been built using a type of wood called Ekki, it’s one of the strongest and most durable types of timber on the planet, and is the type of wood used to build piers that you find in your favourite seaside towns. It’s important to us that we use materials that will last, but our favourite thing at the end of the day of setting up and prepping is to sit out with a glass of something chilled and enjoy the views.

Garden guru

Wood Farm at Everdon sits on around 2 acres of manicured grass land. In real terms that means that Rob spends a lot of time on the mower! Sustainability and being environmentally conscious is important to us as a family and as a business and the maintenance of the venue and farm land is no different. We don’t use pesticides or artificial fertilisers across the venue, and this spring we’ve replanted the hedging with our own cuttings to encourage wildlife and create nature friendly habitats. The perfect venue for our couples and local wildlife to enjoy!

If you’d like to find out more about the venue or to arrange a a viewing and meet the team, you can contact us here!

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