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Our Story

From Farm to Wedding Venue

Hosting Wedding Since 2015

A Working Family Run Farm

In 2015 Wood Farm hosted its first wedding, and a very important wedding at that! For, having grown up on the farm, Tamzin knew it was just the place for her and Rob to host their day, and mum and dad agreed! 


Guests were left in awe of this beautifully personal, rural wedding day, though Rob & Tamzin didn’t know it at the time, they had by chance fashioned one of the most remarkable venues imaginable. 

Our Story

From Architects Barn to Wedding Venue

The seed of an idea had been planted as Tony, Rob & Tamzin decided that their ethos would be “to retain the charm” with the first priority always being that Wood Farm would remain an exclusive ‘Hidden Gem’.


Back in 1995, when Tony’s Architects Practice needed more space an office was built on the farm and for years this new space was occupied by the business, until late 2015, when there was a move to Leamington Spa. The office, designed as a barn became vacant and the seed of an idea following Tamzin & Robs wedding became a reality!! 

Final Steps for a dream wedding venue

Rob’s renovation skills were put to the test to reorganise the offices, alter the services, remove the conference area, add external decking resulting in a wedding worthy space, all that was needed now were couples in love! 

In an atmosphere of great excitement, our first wedding took place in 2018 and in spite of the pandemic of 2020-2021, we have watched countless couples say ‘I Do’ and the team haven’t looked back! 

Our Story

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