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The Farm

Farm Weddings

The Rickett family arrived at Wood Farm in 1972, since which time the main enterprise has been the breeding pedigree of South Devon Cattle…. We have always been a family farm, and we will continue to raise these large, gentle beasts for the enjoyment of all.

Grazing, Majestic Cattle


Adorable Calves


80 Acres of Grassland

The Farm

Getting Married on a Farm

There’s so many reasons that more and more couples are choosing a farm wedding. The seclusion, the scenery, the soothing affect on your senses… The beauty of a farm wedding starts at our entrance. Welcoming guests with your own customised Wood Farm sign, the long approach sets the tone and then greeting from the South Devon cattle really makes you feel uniquely at ease.

From sunsets on our large patio area to overlooking the fields as you say ‘I do’, it really is no wonder why couples love our farm weddings.

Our Story

The farm takes care and attention all year round. Whether we’re doing wellness checks on the calves in late spring/early summer, foot trimming or simply moving the herd to a new field (for more tasty grass!) We love our cattle and the wedding guests do too!


We look after our cows by only ever providing natural food sources, never using chemical fertiliser and if you’re super quiet you may over hear Rob singing to them… not that he’d ever admit to that.

The Farm

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